Tile & Grout Cleaning, Minneapolis and Surrounding Areas

Tile floors look great but dirt and traffic can take their toll. Over time they lose their luster. Even with regular mopping, grout can become discolored and grimy over time due to its porous nature, absorbing dirt and allergens that can’t be removed with traditional cleaning.

Our process will get the dirt out and bring them back to life:

  1. We inspect the tile and make sure the grout is in good condition
  2. The floor is pre-sprayed with our safe professional tile cleaning solution
  3. We agitate the floors with our special brush machine which gets into the grout’s deep crevices.
  4. Clean and extract: We use our specialized tile cleaning equipment with our hot water from our vans. This process flushes everything out and leaves your floors dry.
  5. We can apply a clear sealer after the cleaning. Our sealer will help protect your tile and grout and make it easier to clean for the homeowner.

Northwest Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners can restore the original color and cleanliness of grout and tiles…all at competitive prices! Our pricing for Tile & Grout Cleaning is $1.00 – $1.50 per square foot. Price varies depending on the state of the tile. Contact Northwest Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners today to receive a comprehensive assessment on your tile cleaning project!