Leather Cleaning, Minneapolis and Surrounding Areas

We all love the feel and comfort of leather furniture. It’s so easy sitting on your favorite leather chair or couch and dozing off for a nice nap. Leather furniture, like all other upholstery, needs to be cleaned and maintained to get the best performance. Leather will get dirty and dry out without proper maintenance. Our three-part process will get your leather clean and make it feel soft and new again:

Step 1.

First, we clean the leather with our special solution. Our process will remove dirt, body oils, newspaper print among other things that have been spilled on the upholstery.

Step 2.

The second step is applying a protective solution. This helps in protecting against everyday dirt and spills along with UV rays.

Step 3.

The third part is applying a revitalizing cream. This will give the leather the moisture it needs to feel soft and supple again. After the cleaning, leave the upholstery to dry for 24 hours so the protective cream and revitalizing cream have time to dry. Your upholstery will feel and look great again.

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